Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Maybe time for a picture....

I make silly faces. Ask anyone who actually knows me and they will have one if not many stories about me pulling a face that is unable to be described using real words. If some of the faces I pulled were real words they would be stuff like:




maybe with a dash of


thrown in for good measure.

I think to start off this blog (we are going to discount everything that has just been said previously) I should explain just a little bit about my friends. My friends are extremely cool and let me get away with a lot of stuff that they shouldn't.


This one time when I was 14 I was over at a friends (Laura Smith) doing super cool stuff, like taking online quizzes that told us the name of our future loves (mine: Harold hers: James translation: I am going to marry an old farty grandpa while she is going to marry a hip, hot and cool man) and listening to music (I think we were listening to The Click 5, a boy band who was known for their emo haircuts and ridiculous music). Because we were sitting in the kitchen there happened to be a lot of things on the table, one of which was a mini-baseball bat. We were just talking when my friend's younger sister (Eve) came into the kitchen.
I then decided to pick up baseball bat and tap it into my palm, much like one would do if they were planning on beating you up. Thinking back, I have no idea, why I thought to myself  "Pick up the baseball bat, this is will end well" but I decided to trust my gut.

As I slapped the baseball bat repeatedly into my palm, I looked at Eve and said,

"Eve put some candy in your pockets, we're playing pinata." in a slightly scary tone.

At this point in our relationship, I had talked to Eve maybe a total of two times, and I hadn't said much more than "hi, how are you?" so this was quite unexpected. Eve looked at me as if the insane asylum had had a half day and let me out early, and then walked out of the kitchen, my friend Laura burst out laughing and then we went back to talking about who knows what.

This is just one of many examples/memories of how my friends just let me say it and then we all move on. In fact, Eve and I are now friends and she is hilarious!

*end of example/memory*

Now that that tangent is done, let's get back to the real story.

A couple of weekends ago, I went down to Provo to visit my younger sister and see some friends from Wisconsin who I hadn't seen in awhile (including Eve but not including Laura b/c she's on her mission in Russia still). This was an AWESOME adventure into why I love my friends from Wisconsin. I thought about making a list but then thought "there are pictures on facebook...why describe when I can just narrate the photos!?!?" so of course that is what I am going to do.

First of all that's start with me and my younger sister Natalie: (I am on the right, with the shopping bags under my eyes)

We are holding a bear that Eve got from two boys (yes, TWO boys) named Buart (like Stuart with a B), who  besides looking cute, plays the Jonas Brothers when you squeeze his paw...I think that sums up Eve's relationship with boys. She has pretty much 50 guys after her but she remains single because she is a smart girl who realizes she is still in high school. After Eve came and messed around with us for a little bit, we decided to go out to dinner to Zupa's which is a soup, salad and sandwich place that is in one word: SUPERAWESOMELYMOSTDELICIOUS. 
Here is a picture of the food we ordered:

This is an interesting story because I could not for the life of me order the food. As you can see I had one sandwich, one soup and two salads. I was paying for me and Natalie and they have this deal where you can get half a soup and sandwich or half a sandwich and salad or half a soup and a salad at the same price. It is an awesome deal but I could not remember what we had gotten, and the situation went a little bit like this:

Girl taking my order: So what do you have?

Me: Two soups, two salads and a sandwich.

Natalie: No

Girl: *with a confused look*: so what do you have?

Me: Two salads, two sandwiches and a soup"

Eve: No

Me: oh, I mean two salads, a sandwich, two soups

Natalie: No!

Girl: *staring blankly at me*

Natalie: Noooo!

Me: a salad and a soup

Girl: *thinking to herself  you idiot* so what do you have?

Eve: a soup, two salads and that sandwich over there.

Natalie: yes...wow Em.

It was extremely embarrassing but of course Natalie and Eve had a good 'ole laugh at that one, and the food was so YUMMY!!! I was eating it and I kept making really weird "yum" noises.

This next picture is of a common occurrence. I decided to feed Eve and this is what Natalie captured:

This would be just one of the many weird facial expressions I often make. My most embarrassing picture is one where I look like I have no teeth and am sort of squinting. Suffice it to say, I look stupid. This was a picture that was taken of my ward at girls camp and so everyone who went has a copy of this picture. I don't have a scanner so I won't upload it but here is Eve and Natalie's interpretation of my face:

Aren't they cute? We had planned on going to see the movie Despicable Me afterwards but it wasn't playing so instead we decided to go to Eve's house before going to see another friend of ours "A" (I will explain later). We goofed around and here is just a good picture of the three of us:

We are all sitting on a chair meant for one but no big deal because Eve weighs less than a dollar bill and Natalie should be a model. I am the only one who has substantial weight, so it was pretty much like one person was sitting on the chair. After we goofed around a lot, we went to go meet up with a friend (who is named Adriana but everyone calls her A) who is also  from Wisconsin and had just finished a choir concert. We met her at this diner called "The Shoppe" or something like that, where she was getting a shake with some choir buddies. Because Eve and I are loud and Adriana is short we decided just to shout her name. Natalie abstained. It went a little like this:

*Eve and Me enter diner*

Eve and Me: A! A! Adriana Rankin! ADRIANA! ADRIANA RANKIN! A....a?

*complete silence from patrons*
*Eve and Me stand awkwardly, Natalie enters*

Natalie: maybe A isn't here.

Eve and Me: *feeling uncomfortable* oh ok (to other patrons) I GUESS SHE ISN'T HERE YET, WE'LL JUST WAIT!!

We sat down and not a minute later, A pops up. I guess she was at the front of the line and did not hear us shouting, so we just looked liked fools. We were goofing around and taking pictures, when someone who was standing in line said, "hey do you want me to take a picture of all four of you?

Eve and I stared for a second before shouting, "YES!!" like this guy had just solved the world hunger problem. He stared at us like we were drunks in Provo. Here is the best of the shots he got:

The others feature me looking away or us all blurry. A is lying across our laps, but she really is that short. (Just kidding).  A's shake is in the lower right hand corner, and it got knocked over (probably by me, but I don't remember) and everyone (all the patrons who were starring at us) said: OOOOHHHH! We then decided it was a good idea to go back to Natalie's apartment so we wouldn't get the police called on us to arrested the obviously intoxicated persons. 
When we got back another of the Wisconsin bunch of friends was there. Natalie's roommate Danielle, is a Wisconsin buddy so of course we decided to play "let's do weird things and take pictures of them. Here are some in little bursts:

I think we are doing some sort of dance...again I'm not really sure what we were thinking.

 Danielle is the one who looks like a Twig. Hence her nickname for awhile was "Twiggy" Aren't we clever?

This picture is only funny because after we took, I looked at it and said, "It looks like I'm trying to give birth to Buart...BREECH BABY!" Which made us all laugh and feel silly together. 

Honestly, this was one of the best weekends I have had this semester. I love my Wisconsin friends (if you weren't aware) because it doesn't matter how much time has passed we are all still friends and it feels like no time has passed every time we get together, and that's something I can handle.