Monday, August 15, 2011

Make some noise with a "Z".

First of all my title for this blogpost is in fact a TV show quote. I will spend at least post on my favorite TV shows, mainly because they are silly.

But it also brings to mind a lot of happy and joyful kind of events which are very similar to my wedding day.

Yes folks I'm now married! Forever and all that good stuff! To prove it here's a picture:

It was a pretty awesome day, to sound cool and mature and not at all ridiculous but there was one moment where I descended into weirdness with Homestar and that was when we were cutting the cake. I am going to tell this story in pictures because they add to the weirdness. Our reception was more of a luncheon thingy with just friends and close family. We had it at a park in Ogden called the MTC learning park. It was pretty awesome and super gorgeous! I would recommend looking it up online. (Name that movie!)

So everyone gathered around us and then we attempted to cut this cake. I will be honest. My face in this picture describes what I am feeling. "Haha. We are pretending we have no idea how to cut this cake, aren't we cute? hehe, can someone help us...please?" I was pretty desperate because we looked foolish. but not the cute we're-so-in-love-we-can't-even-cut-the-cake, the we-can't-cut-the-cake-we-look-dumb. kind.

[sidebar: my sister made the cake and it was so gorgeous! She's pretty legit.]

This is when my mom had to step in and cut the cake for us. There are many pictures of my mom stepping in and helping me from destroying something. Whether it was from stopping me from stabbing my prom date with a boutonniere pin (she even helped pin on Homestar's) to stepping in and fixing my wild hair. My mom has been there and it wouldn't be a real gathering if she didn't step in again. Thanks Ma!

[sidebar: I call my mom Ma and my dad Pa so that they know which child they are talking to. They tend to roll their eyes when I do this.]

So we cut the cake effectively and then we are going to feed each other.  Earlier, Homestar had told me that if I was nice, he would be nice. So I was going to be nice. You can see it in my eyes that I am going to lovingly put it in his mouth.  What happened next was he shoved cake in my face and so I took my plate and smeared it on him.  There is no picture of when I did it but my brother-in-law said that I looked "scary".
My mother then proclaimed: Emily! So in this picture my only response was "He did it first!" Which is true. My actions were purely reactionary. I would not smear stuff on my one true love. That is mean.

So of course he had to help clean me up. And that is where this awkward gem appeared. I'm not quite sure why I look like that or why I decided to put my head like an awkward ostrich.  I appear displeased. comment.

Anyway, my cousins decided to then convince us to kiss. They all started singing "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid. It went a little like this:

Them: She-la-la-la don't be shy, you better hold on tight you should-"

*awkward pause while I put it together*

Me:...yeah...oh kiss the girl! kiss him.

Me: Right!

So I did. Albeit a little awkwardly. But that's just like our love. Awkwardly cute and weird.