Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giddiness is next to Hyperness

Whenever I sit down to start writing a blogpost, Homestar and I have the same conversation, it generally goes like this:

Homestar is dutifully doing his calculus homework, Emily is sitting on the couch "reading up on her Mia Maid lesson" ie watching America's Next Top Model on TV. Emily turns off the TV and starts typing rapidly with a serious expression on face (read: constipated)

Homestar not looking up from his homework: What are you doing?

Emily constipated expression more fierce grunts: Writing a blogpost.

Homestar incredulous: You have a blog?

Emily looking up from her computer: Babe, please don't say that like I admitted that I'm a Las Vegas showgirl and considering stripping to get more exposure. Yes, I have a blog.

Emily goes back to typing rapidly and muttering like a crazy person. Homestar stares at her.

Homestar: When did you start this? Last week?

Emily gives him the you're kidding me face: Are you for reals? I've had this blog longer than we've been dating.

Homestar disdainfully: That's weird.

Homestar surprises me with the things he forgets, but this is something that I should be used to but it still amazes me sometimes. 

Back when I was madly in love with Homestar and he thought I was just a cool bud (I don't know if he knew I was girl) he and I went and saw Iron Man 2 together. THE NEXT DAY he asked me if I had seen the movie and I had to remind him that we had gone TOGETHER.

Basically that's when I wrote something in my journal to the effect of "and that's one way to tell that he definitely doesn't think about you romantically or even as a friend."

Sometimes, even I am amazed that we ended up together. 

Well folks, I now present to you the pictures of.....THE APARTMENT but only the areas that I feel that anyone would see in my house. No one needs to see pictures of our bedroom with it's piles of laundry and random clothes flung at random and a messy bed...bleh.

First we start off in probably the best room. The kitchen. It's small and allows me to butt bounce with Homestar which I am sure he will attest is his favorite part of our kitchen. 

Next is our living room which is a great spot to relax. Notice my laptop in ready blogging position. That's where I am sitting now writing this blog.   

Here's another view of our living room including our front entry way and stairs to the upstairs which is not going to be shown see beginning of blog for explanation. I hate the blue color of the walls. It looks super weird with the stuff we have. 
The couches and most of the end table and lamp are all from Homestar's aunt and uncle who decided to get rid of all their stuff which means we have nice couches and I am now starting to decorate. I haven't done a ton, because a) I don't really have money b) I don't really have a ton of time and c) nothing matches so it's hard to know where to start.

My first goal is to get some paint and get rid of the yucky blue wall. I don't like the color and I feel like I live in a baby's room. 

Now for the exciting second part of this adventure: HOMESTAR'S EASTER SURPRISE!! 

My giddy nature allows me to be get super excited over stupid holidays, like Christmas, and Easter and Father's Day, stuff like that.

Homestar not so much.

He likes them in theory as holidays to hang with some buds maybe play some games but just chill which means that I end up being the one who is dragging him to take a picture like I did on Christmas, here's the Christmas Eve tradition in your new PJs photo:

He stood in this photo for as long as it took to take it and then was like I'm done. 

For Easter though, I had free reign to treat him with whatever I wanted to so I made him stay in our room after church and put out his EASTER SURPRISE, which was a blu-ray and candy and some bubbles. 

Then when he came out he had to follow the trail of Easter eggs and candy to his pile of stuff.  See if you can figure out what Homestar was thinking.

Basically, he thinks I'm ridiculous, but he still loves me enough to get me flowers for my kitchen table. Gotta keep him around.