Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You're holding my hand Chuck, you sly dog... :)

I have decided to dedicate this post to one of the best people in my sister, Natalie.

To fill you in on the current situation:

I am at home, during Christmas break doing the normal Christmas break things: sleeping in, eating, never getting out of my pajamas (and not having my mother make any sort of comment about it) and reveling in the fact that there is someone who understands every single one of my jokes.

(The title of this post is a reference to a wonderful movie entitled: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for those of you who are unaware).

Something that makes my sister Natalie special is that she needs no explanation of this to understand that I am quoting a wonderful line delivered my the impeccable Peppermint Patty.

I guess you could say me and Natalie are close but that is a complete understatement; we're more like twins than sisters.

I know this sounds totally sappy and Natalie would be completely outraged and say something to the effect that we have no similarities and we are merely sisters though she being more mature than me should be considered the older one. This is so commonplace that it would feel weird if she did not protest this fact.

I wish everyone could see Natalie for who she really is: the crazy, wonderful, ridiculous younger sister that I have.

Instead, they see her as one of two things:

1) the kind, mature Natalie


2) the bossy, stuck-up Natalie

Natalie can be both, but that's not WHO she is; she's just as crazy as me.  I guess with school and life I can forget about home and how much I love it but Natalie is my connection to home even if she is attending the  heathen school of BYU... (shudder). I guess she just has to be different, right?

I will have to admit going back to school will be difficult just as it always is.

Merry Christmas and see you in 2011!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas?!? When did you get here?

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when snow falls, people seem cheerier and the world is at peace. *cue the angelic voices*.

Unfortunately for me, Christmas is somewhat like your mother unexpectedly dropping in on you.

[DISCLAIMER: I love my mom. I just look a dirty slob when she comes.]

It's not like she can come on a Sunday after you spent the entire Saturday cleaning and she can come in when you are sitting there looking all nice in your Sunday clothes, clean and fresh. You look wonderful and you have some sort of delicious something cooking in the background.

That's too easy.

Instead, she'll drop in on you on the Thursday where you have 2 weeks of laundry sitting in the corner and the dishes in the sink are starting to create flies. You slept in and are wearing a shirt with three mysterious stains on it. You didn't shower but it rained and so you look like a drowned rat and you just got home and are sitting on the couch not doing anything because your brain feels like you tossed it in a blender with a bunch of random facts and you are just hoping that if you sit there long enough you will get the energy to do the stuff you need to do.

And then your mom comes in.

And as she gives you and the room a once over, you give up the fight and just sit there like a fish out of water, praying that she doesn't ask you why?
 -Why your room is messy and she can smell your clothes?
-Why you have flies in your dishes?
-Why you look terrible?

Instead, you realize that the most you can hope for is just a slightly cocked eyebrow. If your mom is fully really guilt-trippy she will just start cleaning things up and that's when everything comes out in a flood because there is seriously nothing worse than watching your mom clean up your mess. I can't handle it, so I generally start to bawl while shouting, "STOP CLEANING!"

Christmas is a little like that, minus the mom guilt. It's just the normal kind where you think to yourself. "Now I have these people in my life that deserve/need a Christmas present" and then you realize that you have no way to get them anything that they are going to like. This is something that I have happen to me a lot. In fact, most gift-giving holidays terrify me because everyone seems to just instinctively know exactly what I want and that's  exactly what I get. It means that I spend most of Christmas worried that they hate me gift because to be perfectly honest with you I am a lousy gift giver.

This year it has been taken to a whole new level. I now have a boyfriend that has been added to the list. This kid is a douzy because of two things:

1. I know him but at the same time I have no idea what he will like. He also bought the blu-ray I was going to give him for himself. (note: I know, who does that in December?!?)

2. He told me he got the perfect present for me. (Seriously, how could that not scare anyone?)

This is the kind of pressure that makes me feel like I should know these people better.

Example: My sister Angela got me the third season of Psych for Christmas last year. Did I even ask for that? No, but it was the best gift because I LOVE that show! I was so psyched (hahaha, pun totally intended!)

This is why Christmas is always a little bit scary....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I really should just add dating service to my resume

I am very comfortable around people, I really like being around them and learning about them. This has sometimes got me into to trouble as I have an ability to probe out stories from people, and sometimes I really shouldn't prod them (generally with a pitchfork) to answer my questions.

I do this mainly because I am curious and sometimes because I know people do not want to brag so they want someone to ask. I am that person.

If you want someone to freak out with you because you got kissed, call me!

If you want someone to bring you ice cream when you get dumped, call me!

If you just want someone to act interested in your life, call me!

This is an attribute that I have noticed more and more has gotten me into position where I set people up on dates. Not often, generally just for Girl's Choice IWA dances.

[Sidebar: I believe that girls should definitely be feeling the pressure to find a date for these things. I feel that every girl needs to know what a guy goes through to ask a girl out. It's hard to do and something that I feel most girls do not fully realize. It's hard to put yourself on the line, so be kind to those boys who are asking. They are great people too].

I have this position because a) I do know a lot of guys b) I am willing and able to take rejection c) most people have a hard time saying no to me.

I always go for one of three approaches to asking them to come to a dance with a stranger.

1. The "I need a Favor". This works well on hometeachers, friends and guys who you know in the ward but aren't buddy-buddy with. I start the pitch with asking them if they are busy and then finish with, I need a favor.  There's a cute girl (because they are all cute!) in my IWA chapter who does not have a date for the dance. Would you be willing to go with her? (if they aren't busy, they say yes).

2. The "I heard you were single". This works well on random guys in your ward. It keeps you from looking too suspicious and you start with, "I heard you were single, and I thought what?!? he's so cool and then I say I know you are busy but would you be willing to go on a date with [insert name of girl] she's super chill!" It works every time like a charm.

3. The "please". This works well on guys who are generally opposed to going on set up dates. Generally, the guy in question might hate set up dates. This one requires that I see them in person. And I say,"so I have this girl who needs a date..." I pause and wait for them to say something like, "You know I do not like set up dates," or "So?" and then I say, "please?" while pouting and looking at them with puppy dog eyes. These guys generally cave because looking at that face makes them laugh and so they are forced to realize that it might be fun.

I think a dating service might just be the thing for me....I'll consider the idea over Christmas break.