Friday, February 25, 2011

A New type of Greeting! Act Now!

I can kindly be described as a cold girl.  I used to be known as a warm girl with a natural body temperature that allowed me to enjoy the cold; thrive off of it even. Then suddenly, without warning, things changed and I became cold. I started to wear pants in the summer and an extra jacket during the fall, but now things have escalated to a point that I do not know if I can continue without a transfusion of warm.

Occasionally [read: all the time] I try to warm my hands on BF's neck, contrary to popular [BF's] belief I do not do this to:

1. Torture him

2. To make him prove his love for me. (I have better testing methods than this :)

3. Because I want to eventually kill him of hypothermia.

Why do I put my cold hands on his neck?

Because it is the warmest, nicest, all around BEST spot to put my cold hands and have them gain back some of their warmth. Basically, I do it because his neck is warm and my hands are cold.

I would do this to others if it wasn't considered a social faux pas to place your hands on someone's neck. I feel like this should be considered a new type of greeting and I have been working on it but there are few people who seem to agree with me that placing hands on the neck is an appropriate greeting. With a lot of had work, I believe that it will soon replace the handshake as a type of formal greeting.

Then I will no longer have to place my hands only on the BF's neck and he will realize that I am not trying to kill him.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NPR Valentines make me feel LOVE!

So...this is slightly belated but totally worth every second late....because......


 My inner nerd is literally giddy with delight right now. Seriously, how can you beat these beauties? I sent (via facebook) the first one to my sister because she would understand it and appreciate it. And yes, I will admit it I listen to NPR. A lot. Enough to be considered a senior citizen which is ok b/c the BF is old as well.

I'm sure you're all wondering how my Valentine's Day was and what super awkward goodness I got myself into. Strangely enough, my Valentine's Day was extremely chill because

1. It was a Monday; it's kind of hard to feel super romantic on a Monday.

2. The BF lives in Bountiful (about an 1 1/2 hours away) and he has school until late at night. It really just was not worth the effort, and while it would have nice I wasn't expecting anything. 

Instead, I count the weekend I spent with the BF as my Valentine's Day celebration/his birthday celebration. It was very nice to spend a weekend with him and he LOVED the present (Linkin Park tickets) I got him which makes me the best girlfriend ever is always a plus. :)

He is so funny when he gets his excited eyebrows. I wish I could draw them but there is just no way to accurately depict these brows of glory but suffice it to say they are awesome. 

Instead, for Valentine's Day I had dinner with my friends Kodie (a girl) and Katy (if you don't know the gender you don't need to know) and then played Disney Scene it. It was kind of nice to take a break but it wasn't a crazy night by any means.

Ok, here's the gushiest, mushiest, most sweet thing that happened to me yesterday (read: day after Valentine's day) the BF sent me this text completely unprompted: Italicized words are texts.

Him: Babe. You are the best. (AWWWWWWW....who doesn't like to hear that?)

Me: That I am. (No I am not cocky, I am confident. There is a difference...I think.) What prompted you to tell me this?

Him: I don't know. (Hmm...looks like my mind control is working BAHAHAHAHAha..bad joke sorry) I just thought it and my thumbs did the walking.  (say it with me: AWWWWWWWWWW)

Me: *melted into a little puddle of AWWWW* your thumbs did the walking, eh? (what am I? Canadian?) 
And that about sums up our relationship, me being weird and him being sweet.  Anyway, happy belated Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I may have told a half-truth this week but it was for a good cause

So....this week is a special week because....THERE'S AN IWA DANCE ON FRIDAY!!!  

Yes, I realize what you are thinking...Emily. You are way too excited for an IWA Dance. It's not that big of a deal and is in all reality just a lame dance, but au contraire mes amis, this one is completely different because....

THE BOYFRIEND IS COMING WITH ME. TEEHEE. (I had to use a smaller font to attempt to contain my excitement.)

***Sidebar: Ok I realize that for many of you this isn't exciting at all; it's even more boring than when I told you about that time at band camp but for the rest of you who are just bubbling over with excitement that I completely and totally agree with you!! ****

Alright now here are some reasons why I am excited:

1. I love dances. I love to dance. I love listening to the Top 40 (clean mix) songs and shaking my tail feathers. This does not mean I have an ability to dance. In fact, I would say that I am fairly uncoordinated and probably look like a hyperactive squirrel (for a more accurate picture I refer you to the ever striking post on expectation vs. reality to understand my full point) But even still I love to dance, and my uncoordinated dance moves do not stop me from doing it and loving it (if you even think, that's what she said, I will strike you down with a roundhouse kick). 

2. The BF is coming with me. 
(sidebar: ok, I know this is random, but I know if you read this blog, you probably know who I am and know who the BF is,  but....I still do not feel comfortable just talking about him online without his permission, so the BF he will remain until I can think of a better nickname...) 

Which is a pretty big deal as he hates dances, with a burning fiery passion that he usually reserves for things like Satan and Justin Bieber. It only took me a lot bribing and a wee bit of pleading to get him to come. I think it actually went down like this:

Me: So....there's an IWA dance next weekend....*I look pointedly at him waiting for him to finish my sentence with a "sure we should go!"*

Him: yeah? *he knows me too well*

Me: *with a nonexistent amount of nonchalance* We should go!!!!!!

Him:*groans in agony* but...Eemmm...

Me: Come on, I told people I would come (true statement) and it will be real fun (somewhat true: it will be tons of fun for me and no fun for him) and super legit and you'll get dinner (true but a bribe) and I will love you (true but also a bribe) and I really want to go (the start of the pleading)


Me: *pulls out the puppy dog eyes and the lip curl  and goes in for the kill* Come on, I missed the last one...*the BF groans again in even more agony* and I can't go by myself and who else would I bring but you? 

Him: fine...

Me:*begins celebratory dance complete with high kicks and cartwheels* WOOOOOHOOOO! 

So...yeah this is a big deal.

3. I have a pretty dress! Because this a formal dance, I had to find a dress. I wore this dress last year but that doesn't stop it from being super pretty. Here is a picture of me and my bff Kodie. (additional sidebar: I like taking pictures but I do not have a camera which seems silly doesn't it? I think when I am super rich and famous I will by myself a camera.)

I am on the right. In the purple dress. Yes I am wearing that dress.

(sidebar: I noticed that we are in a very awkward pose. Like we should be posted on; I don't know why we are doing this so...just ignore it and concentrate on the DRESS!!!)

I like this dress. I do not know why, I think it does not make me feel gross and fat which is mainly how I feel in formals but its hard not to right?

4. I'm taking the BF for Slurpee's after the dance. I know it seems lame but (hopefully) it will make all the difference for him. :)

So...recap: I'm excited!  

I am a volcano of pure awesomeness just waiting to explode!

(Ok, I'm done, the excitement is out)