Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lessons from Brat Fest

I have being feeling just a little down and out of sorts because I got my wisdom teeth out last week but unfortunately got a nerve exposed so that every time I eat it feels like death.

[Sidebar: This diet has been the most effective. I plan to market it as "The Nervy Diet: Don't eat; it will hurt too much"]

And Homestar is out of town which means that I am myself at home. This means that every noise, or silence is taken as sounds/silences of murders coming into my house. 

I was doing my usual activities after work of eating dinner, and watching the news [read: hulu tv show premiers], when I happened to spot this lovely picture:

This is me and Homestar on Labor Day at a BBQ entitled: Utah's Largest Brat Fest. [Notice my lovely Wisconsin Brat Fest T-shirt].  

You might wonder why I have that thing around my face. It is because after removing my wisdom teeth it hurt after I ate so I would put two ice packs in that wrap and strap it to my head. 

[Sidebar: Best invention ever. It had a little velcro strap so I didn't have to hold anything! How awesome is that?]

I equally love and hate this picture. I basically hate all the parts with me (I look with I wrapped toilet paper around my head) but the reason I'm showing you this picture is this:

Yeah that's my love. And what is he doing when his wife looks like a cross between a Top Gun and loony bin resident?

He's pulling her closer to him.

As if she looks lovely and the fact that he did this for photographic evidence makes my heart melt. I like that part of the picture so much I changed this to my facebook profile picture. I like being reminded of love every time I look at it. 

I have always been a big believer in love. True love. The big heart swelling romantic love because it does exist out there and it definitely exists in my life. It doesn't just mean gifts, it means gestures and the one Homestar demonstrated above is a huge one to me. 

I had some guys I dated who were embarrassed to be seen with me. True, I can be a bit....different (psycho) so I understand some hesitation but the true friends/family will laugh and take a picture. 

I have found a man who for love puts up with his wife's silliness and sometimes downright dramatic behavior. He sees the best in me and even wants to be there when I'm not my best (at least not looking my best).

I have been especially loving towards him because of how well he took care of me after my wisdom teeth incident. 

I have never had surgery of any kind and so this was my first experience with anesthesia. 

I thought I would be sleepy afterwards, instead I was just overly confident. 

I distinctly remember telling him to take me back to work after I "wash the blood off my teeth."

Homestar had to pull out his best dad voice and say, "Lie down on the bed now."

And so I meekly got into bed until his back was turned then tried again to get up. 

True love means you take care of them when they are sick and love them when they are crazy. Homestar passes on both accounts.