Monday, July 16, 2012

Comfort vs. Dignity: Ultimate SHOWDOWN!

Occasionally [read every night] at around 9-10 pm, I take my pants off for the rest of the night. This is not a practice I do when we have other people over or if we visit someone else's house but at home just me and Homestar, I just whip those bad boys off and prance around our apartment pant-less. 

Every time I do this Homestar asks me what I am going to do if someone walks in right now, and I tell him, "No one is going to come over, people don't just come over."

He looks at me and shakes his head then goes back to programming or looking at I then bask in my glorious freedom, pant-less and watch a Criminal Minds or write a little or read. Just being at home.


Tonight was my youngest brother's birthday and he turned 10 which is the perfect age in my mind, because he's old enough to hang but young enough to think me and Homestar are cool. Which is perfect.

Anyway, so we went out to dinner with the family and then everyone came over to our house for cake, one of which I made that looked like somebody ate a cake and then got sick and threw back up a cake and then reformed it to be somewhat cake shape. My sister took one look at it and said, "What...?" with the implied, "have you done to some perfectly good sugar?"

So I cut huge pieces of cake for everyone and then shoveled it down's Homestar's throat so I wouldn't have to look at it any longer.

[Sidebar: I am going to have a post in the near future about how I love to cook but I complete stink at baking and how those two things are very, very different]

And after we decided to play a game and then everyone went home....(or so I thought).  It was about 9 pm and I thought, "It's time," and began to take off THE PANTS. So I did my usual fling on the couch and kicked my legs and then threw THE PANTS on Homestar (this is also a tradition). As I was going to sit down to blog a little (ie read some blogs) and then there was a knock at the door. So using my brilliant adrenaline rush I panicked and ran into the kitchen because everyone knows that you keep your pants there.

And in walked my mother, I heard her ask Homestar for her keys and as I sat in the kitchen hoping she didn't want to come into the kitchen, I decided to open the fridge doors to hide my bare legs and instead whacked myself a good one in the shins. 

My mother heard and peeked her head around the corner, according to Homestar if her eyes rolled back any further into her head they would have stuck there.  

He hasn't yet said, I told you so but he's still giggling about it which is just as bad. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Secrets, Secrets are no Fun

At some point in my life I knew I was going to have to face certain undeniable truths. It's been a hard road but I am finally ready to admit it to the world.

I miss my coworkers at the IT Service Desk.

This was made apparent when I went to a friend's bridal shower and ran into someone I used to work with. I found myself almost giddy with excitement as I asked about everything and everyone. It was fun to relate the usual stories and laugh about stuff.

The statute of limitation on work stories has not yet passed (I think one more year should do it) so I am unable to delve into some of the funnier stories but this is a serious issue that can not be taken lightly and today was the kind of day that made me wish some one understood why I need to see cute pictures of baby animals and squeal a little bit.

Sometimes, I image my clients as baby animals and it helps but today I just needed to see a video of some kittens in booties (I did and it was awesome)

Those are the coworkers I used to have. They didn't necessarily like it but they did understand my need for puppies and baby bunnies.

The ones who understood all the stupid stuff we looked at the internet and send me links to stuff like casting for Catching Fire which is the second in the Hunger Games series.

We would have long drawn out conversations on topics such as what we ate for lunch, the internet video some posted on a social media site, or to help someone finish a game about top candies in the US or to discuss which Harry Potter character was best interpreted.

It was the best of times even with our crazy clients and that little piece of crazy stuck with me when I moved positions.

Do not take this to mean that I do not like my current coworkers, they are awesome in completely different ways.

It is just sometimes I feel a little pang for the days of us just trying to keep entertained because no one goes to the IT Service Desk on a USU basketball night, or when I stumble upon an email a coworker wrote me about his worst dating experience ever and I laugh a little as I think about it.

So here is a shout out to all of my old coworkers at the IT Service Desk for their opinions, their goofiness, their ability to find awesome things on the internet, and quite frankly their basic knowledge of computer, because without you, I would never have found my true calling in the world...saying Awwww to cute things.s