Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hairy Up and Let's Grow!

Homestar and I disagree. A lot. On pretty much every tiny issue that is extremely insignificant.

Oh sure we agree and stuff like money, children and how we want our lives to turn out in 30 years but what we should make for dinner, not so much.

Our disagreements are over extremely stupid stuff like whether he will put the roll of toilet paper on the roll after he's used up the last thing and whether I have to put my ice feet on his legs in the bed.

These things are insignificant in the future scheme of things but for some reason we both feel we have to cling to our stubborn selves in order to protect our pride.

But this last month, I scored a victory for Team Wife.

Homestar has a beard. 

This is a big victory too because Homestar has fought me for each and every scruffy hair.

I tried hiding his razors. He bought more.

I tried telling him he didn't need to. He said he had job interviews.

I told him it would keep his face warm. He said he was too hot.

I told him I loved it. He said he didn't.

So discouraged I said fine and walked away. Fast-forward two weeks and I started to notice the beginnings of a beard.

So how did I convince him? Truth be told I'm not entirely sure I did. The thing with Homestar is if he didn't want to do it, he wouldn't so maybe he is a really big fan of the hair.

I am clear in my critique. I am a GIANT fan.

This is something that separates me from basically every other woman I know. I am extremely fond of the facial hair but the beards are the best (full ones not wimpy soul patches or pencil thin mustaches).

Here is an example of a good beard.

This stately man is greatly improved with his "icing" beard.

As is my hubs.

I'm so happy!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lessons from Brat Fest

I have being feeling just a little down and out of sorts because I got my wisdom teeth out last week but unfortunately got a nerve exposed so that every time I eat it feels like death.

[Sidebar: This diet has been the most effective. I plan to market it as "The Nervy Diet: Don't eat; it will hurt too much"]

And Homestar is out of town which means that I am myself at home. This means that every noise, or silence is taken as sounds/silences of murders coming into my house. 

I was doing my usual activities after work of eating dinner, and watching the news [read: hulu tv show premiers], when I happened to spot this lovely picture:

This is me and Homestar on Labor Day at a BBQ entitled: Utah's Largest Brat Fest. [Notice my lovely Wisconsin Brat Fest T-shirt].  

You might wonder why I have that thing around my face. It is because after removing my wisdom teeth it hurt after I ate so I would put two ice packs in that wrap and strap it to my head. 

[Sidebar: Best invention ever. It had a little velcro strap so I didn't have to hold anything! How awesome is that?]

I equally love and hate this picture. I basically hate all the parts with me (I look with I wrapped toilet paper around my head) but the reason I'm showing you this picture is this:

Yeah that's my love. And what is he doing when his wife looks like a cross between a Top Gun and loony bin resident?

He's pulling her closer to him.

As if she looks lovely and the fact that he did this for photographic evidence makes my heart melt. I like that part of the picture so much I changed this to my facebook profile picture. I like being reminded of love every time I look at it. 

I have always been a big believer in love. True love. The big heart swelling romantic love because it does exist out there and it definitely exists in my life. It doesn't just mean gifts, it means gestures and the one Homestar demonstrated above is a huge one to me. 

I had some guys I dated who were embarrassed to be seen with me. True, I can be a bit....different (psycho) so I understand some hesitation but the true friends/family will laugh and take a picture. 

I have found a man who for love puts up with his wife's silliness and sometimes downright dramatic behavior. He sees the best in me and even wants to be there when I'm not my best (at least not looking my best).

I have been especially loving towards him because of how well he took care of me after my wisdom teeth incident. 

I have never had surgery of any kind and so this was my first experience with anesthesia. 

I thought I would be sleepy afterwards, instead I was just overly confident. 

I distinctly remember telling him to take me back to work after I "wash the blood off my teeth."

Homestar had to pull out his best dad voice and say, "Lie down on the bed now."

And so I meekly got into bed until his back was turned then tried again to get up. 

True love means you take care of them when they are sick and love them when they are crazy. Homestar passes on both accounts.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So Homestar and I went to California (and Disneyland!) and I am here to show you all the awesome pictures we took of our fun time there!

Oh you silly reader you know me to well, oh course we didn't take pictures!  Homestar and I have two very nice cameras that tend to not make their way to our fun destinations and so memories are never captured. Luckily, Youtube has provided an opportunity for everyone to enjoy some classic Disney magic.

The morning of our day at Disney started off with running around to all the good rides before the lines got ridiculously long. Because it was overcast and a little chilly we actually made it to most of them before the lines were really bad.

Noon came and the sun started to peak out which meant that Disneyland got more and more crowded. We decided to get out of the sun and experience something I have not done at Disney.....

Captain EO: A Tribute

I have included both part 1 and part 2 so you can experience the whole story

I'm sure all of one of you is feeling full of questions so we'll do a little Q&A. 

Q: What is this?

A: This is 1984 3D movie that combines the dancing talent of Michael Jackson, the universe of George Lucas and some of the worst 3D effects I have ever seen. I really hate 3D, so I don't think my opinion counts and luckily this version on Youtube is sans 3D so I don't feel like tossing my cookies every time I look at the screen.

Q: So who is Captain EO?

A: Michael Jackson and yes it is just as bad as you think it is. I have included both parts of the Youtube video though sadly, it is missing the full cinema value without the laser show and smoke and Disney employee singing the closing song loudly and proudly. 

Q: Why is it a tribute?

A: Seriously? Do I really need to explain that Michael Jackson is dead and this is pre-bleached, post nose job Michael Jackson? So it's value is doubled because he actually is not that bad looking?

I know that this seems very far-fetched and awful but it was awesome. 

As we were waiting for the movie to start they played a little "making of" Captain EO and three things stood out to me:

1. Michael Jackson is an amazing dancer.

2. George Lucas really likes weird alien looking creatures

3. Leg warmers really don't flatter anyone.

So as we are standing there watching the making of video, one of my younger cousins says to me, "What are we going to watch?" in a very confused voice.

I have to admit at that point all I could think was, "Something about dancing. and aliens. and rocks." 

So I said, "Something good." 

Unfortunately, this cousin is too old (11 years old!) to believe me anymore and proceeded to give me the most teenage angsty look I have seen. 

Sidebar: It was a little disconcerting to seem him give me the "tortured" soul bit, but a lot of me was proud at his ability to act disinterested and in pain at the same time. 

So we go into the theater, put on our 3D glasses and sit back to watch.

Which is something that I recommend you do as well. And fully enjoy a story that uses Michael Jackson's skillls to the fullest and also creates a world where a man literally dances away ugliness along with his magic music lightening hands. 

I love Disney. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Comfort vs. Dignity: Ultimate SHOWDOWN!

Occasionally [read every night] at around 9-10 pm, I take my pants off for the rest of the night. This is not a practice I do when we have other people over or if we visit someone else's house but at home just me and Homestar, I just whip those bad boys off and prance around our apartment pant-less. 

Every time I do this Homestar asks me what I am going to do if someone walks in right now, and I tell him, "No one is going to come over, people don't just come over."

He looks at me and shakes his head then goes back to programming or looking at I then bask in my glorious freedom, pant-less and watch a Criminal Minds or write a little or read. Just being at home.


Tonight was my youngest brother's birthday and he turned 10 which is the perfect age in my mind, because he's old enough to hang but young enough to think me and Homestar are cool. Which is perfect.

Anyway, so we went out to dinner with the family and then everyone came over to our house for cake, one of which I made that looked like somebody ate a cake and then got sick and threw back up a cake and then reformed it to be somewhat cake shape. My sister took one look at it and said, "What...?" with the implied, "have you done to some perfectly good sugar?"

So I cut huge pieces of cake for everyone and then shoveled it down's Homestar's throat so I wouldn't have to look at it any longer.

[Sidebar: I am going to have a post in the near future about how I love to cook but I complete stink at baking and how those two things are very, very different]

And after we decided to play a game and then everyone went home....(or so I thought).  It was about 9 pm and I thought, "It's time," and began to take off THE PANTS. So I did my usual fling on the couch and kicked my legs and then threw THE PANTS on Homestar (this is also a tradition). As I was going to sit down to blog a little (ie read some blogs) and then there was a knock at the door. So using my brilliant adrenaline rush I panicked and ran into the kitchen because everyone knows that you keep your pants there.

And in walked my mother, I heard her ask Homestar for her keys and as I sat in the kitchen hoping she didn't want to come into the kitchen, I decided to open the fridge doors to hide my bare legs and instead whacked myself a good one in the shins. 

My mother heard and peeked her head around the corner, according to Homestar if her eyes rolled back any further into her head they would have stuck there.  

He hasn't yet said, I told you so but he's still giggling about it which is just as bad. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Secrets, Secrets are no Fun

At some point in my life I knew I was going to have to face certain undeniable truths. It's been a hard road but I am finally ready to admit it to the world.

I miss my coworkers at the IT Service Desk.

This was made apparent when I went to a friend's bridal shower and ran into someone I used to work with. I found myself almost giddy with excitement as I asked about everything and everyone. It was fun to relate the usual stories and laugh about stuff.

The statute of limitation on work stories has not yet passed (I think one more year should do it) so I am unable to delve into some of the funnier stories but this is a serious issue that can not be taken lightly and today was the kind of day that made me wish some one understood why I need to see cute pictures of baby animals and squeal a little bit.

Sometimes, I image my clients as baby animals and it helps but today I just needed to see a video of some kittens in booties (I did and it was awesome)

Those are the coworkers I used to have. They didn't necessarily like it but they did understand my need for puppies and baby bunnies.

The ones who understood all the stupid stuff we looked at the internet and send me links to stuff like casting for Catching Fire which is the second in the Hunger Games series.

We would have long drawn out conversations on topics such as what we ate for lunch, the internet video some posted on a social media site, or to help someone finish a game about top candies in the US or to discuss which Harry Potter character was best interpreted.

It was the best of times even with our crazy clients and that little piece of crazy stuck with me when I moved positions.

Do not take this to mean that I do not like my current coworkers, they are awesome in completely different ways.

It is just sometimes I feel a little pang for the days of us just trying to keep entertained because no one goes to the IT Service Desk on a USU basketball night, or when I stumble upon an email a coworker wrote me about his worst dating experience ever and I laugh a little as I think about it.

So here is a shout out to all of my old coworkers at the IT Service Desk for their opinions, their goofiness, their ability to find awesome things on the internet, and quite frankly their basic knowledge of computer, because without you, I would never have found my true calling in the world...saying Awwww to cute things.s

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giddiness is next to Hyperness

Whenever I sit down to start writing a blogpost, Homestar and I have the same conversation, it generally goes like this:

Homestar is dutifully doing his calculus homework, Emily is sitting on the couch "reading up on her Mia Maid lesson" ie watching America's Next Top Model on TV. Emily turns off the TV and starts typing rapidly with a serious expression on face (read: constipated)

Homestar not looking up from his homework: What are you doing?

Emily constipated expression more fierce grunts: Writing a blogpost.

Homestar incredulous: You have a blog?

Emily looking up from her computer: Babe, please don't say that like I admitted that I'm a Las Vegas showgirl and considering stripping to get more exposure. Yes, I have a blog.

Emily goes back to typing rapidly and muttering like a crazy person. Homestar stares at her.

Homestar: When did you start this? Last week?

Emily gives him the you're kidding me face: Are you for reals? I've had this blog longer than we've been dating.

Homestar disdainfully: That's weird.

Homestar surprises me with the things he forgets, but this is something that I should be used to but it still amazes me sometimes. 

Back when I was madly in love with Homestar and he thought I was just a cool bud (I don't know if he knew I was girl) he and I went and saw Iron Man 2 together. THE NEXT DAY he asked me if I had seen the movie and I had to remind him that we had gone TOGETHER.

Basically that's when I wrote something in my journal to the effect of "and that's one way to tell that he definitely doesn't think about you romantically or even as a friend."

Sometimes, even I am amazed that we ended up together. 

Well folks, I now present to you the pictures of.....THE APARTMENT but only the areas that I feel that anyone would see in my house. No one needs to see pictures of our bedroom with it's piles of laundry and random clothes flung at random and a messy bed...bleh.

First we start off in probably the best room. The kitchen. It's small and allows me to butt bounce with Homestar which I am sure he will attest is his favorite part of our kitchen. 

Next is our living room which is a great spot to relax. Notice my laptop in ready blogging position. That's where I am sitting now writing this blog.   

Here's another view of our living room including our front entry way and stairs to the upstairs which is not going to be shown see beginning of blog for explanation. I hate the blue color of the walls. It looks super weird with the stuff we have. 
The couches and most of the end table and lamp are all from Homestar's aunt and uncle who decided to get rid of all their stuff which means we have nice couches and I am now starting to decorate. I haven't done a ton, because a) I don't really have money b) I don't really have a ton of time and c) nothing matches so it's hard to know where to start.

My first goal is to get some paint and get rid of the yucky blue wall. I don't like the color and I feel like I live in a baby's room. 

Now for the exciting second part of this adventure: HOMESTAR'S EASTER SURPRISE!! 

My giddy nature allows me to be get super excited over stupid holidays, like Christmas, and Easter and Father's Day, stuff like that.

Homestar not so much.

He likes them in theory as holidays to hang with some buds maybe play some games but just chill which means that I end up being the one who is dragging him to take a picture like I did on Christmas, here's the Christmas Eve tradition in your new PJs photo:

He stood in this photo for as long as it took to take it and then was like I'm done. 

For Easter though, I had free reign to treat him with whatever I wanted to so I made him stay in our room after church and put out his EASTER SURPRISE, which was a blu-ray and candy and some bubbles. 

Then when he came out he had to follow the trail of Easter eggs and candy to his pile of stuff.  See if you can figure out what Homestar was thinking.

Basically, he thinks I'm ridiculous, but he still loves me enough to get me flowers for my kitchen table. Gotta keep him around.

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's not me, it's you.

Have you ever been a situation where you know you are in the wrong (like you bet your husband ten dollars there was a full moon outside only to walk outside and see that there is definitely NOT a moon tonight) and then you wait WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long before admitting that you were wrong until you have to sheepishly come back in and mention that you were wrong and it's super awkward?

Well, um, hi I'm sorry. I was wrong. 

I think I was under the impression that it would be possible for me to do everything all at once. You know work 30 hours a week, go to school, graduate from college, find a job, move 2 hours away and deal with the holidays and still have time to post blogposts about my life. Well, I was completely incorrect. 

So moving on, I have moved south, and I now live extremely close to a school I:

a. abhor
b. dislike
c. find super annoying
d. all of the above
e. Babelicious!
f. all of the above except e. 

The answer is probably obvious it's b. I don't abhor the institution and I do find the people but the school itself is well...less than stellar.

I do love seeing my siblings more which has been a huge plus to moving closer to the institution of death and destruction. I also found myself getting more and more psyched for the Hunger Games movie which is coming out super soon. To end this blog post I have a couple of videos and a promise: I will give you a tour of my new house (via pictures). 

This is the song from Taylor Swift that is going to be in Hunger Games. It's nothing like her other songs and I really like it.

Here's just another trailer of the Hunger Games b/c I can't get enough of this show.