Thursday, March 24, 2011

Work: Nerds and Seats

My spring break was a great break but describing it in detail is difficult because half the things I did were family or work related. I mean seriously I worked ten hour days and wrote a research paper and saw my recently returned grandparents who just came home from their (3rd) mission.

NBD (that means no big deal for those who are unaware :) And they do not translate into stories that anyone would ever want to read.

Instead I have decided to tell you the story of the bathrooms in my place of employment.

I work at an IT service desk. I deal with computers which makes you think that I definitely am a complete nerd who is smart with computers.

TRUTH: I am a nerd

FALSEHOOD: I am good with computers

But the point is that the ratio of males to females at my place of employment is about 3 to 1. (Sidebar: this ratio used to be higher but there has been a large wave of female employment.)

Our bathroom is small. I'm not going to lie. If we worked at a spot that had even one more woman, we would definitely have a line for the bathroom. Seriously.  But there is one thing in this bathroom that I am almost certain no other bathroom has.

Movie Theater Seats!!

 My bathroom at work has a row of Movie Theater seats. Do you know what this means? This means that should I ever need to wait I can wait in the padded comfort of a velvet red theater seat.

How they got in there is beyond me but they are there and because I was feeling....I don't know you pick:

a. bored
b. hyper
c. silly
d. somewhat foolish
e. angry
f. tired

g. zebra
h. all of the above plus a banana

I felt it was high time to send the BF a picture of my delightful bathroom.

[sidebar: I can't upload the picture on here b/c it is on my phone and it refuses to come off...seriously, my phone does not like my blog. I tried to make amends but it just wasn't happening.]

I sent it to him with the message, "this is my bathroom! Aren't those seats awesome?"

I'm sure if the BF wrote a guest post (which he won't) he would discuss many wonderful things about how my complete inability to follow social norms creates wonderful opportunities for him to love me creatively.

I'm positive that's what he would say (or at least I want to believe that's what he would say.)  Instead this offered him an excellent opportunity to send me back a picture of his own toilet with the words

"This is where I do my business! Now we both have pictures of each other's bathroom!!"

To me: this is true love. Seriously, the start of our text relationship  went something like this:

Me: Eghast! School is ridiculous! I am thinking we should bbq tonight and maybe go on a pick ride, sound good to you? Also, how's life? [if you would like pull out the first section and put in "I am riding my bike through the cemetery and texting. YAY me!" or "I have no ability to sit still, I think I might need to eat breakfast in the morning." Basically, put something random in at front and end in a question]

Him: Ok.  [ok, to my first or second question BF? Generally I would just go with the first one]

Me: Sweet! Well, I have burgers and buns , do you want potato or a green salad, b/c I have stuff for either? Also, I'm bringing hotrod b/c you never know what might happen ;) [this is a completely for real text that I sent him complete with winking smiley face. I still have no idea what I meant by that but I thought he might laugh. He didn't even sound some much as a "haha back"]

Him: Sure.  [sure?!? SURE!?! What's that supposed to mean BF? How am I supposed to determine anything from that?]

Me: So....potato or green salad? [basically I just give up trying to understand him and accept his one word answers]

Him: potato. 

End of conversation.

Our phone conversations were just as bad, which was awful because our relationship was still super new when our relationship moved from normal to  LONG DISTANCE. (but that's a post for another day)

[Yes it was completely necessary to make increase the size of the font.

But things have changed and now we are just awkward and in weirdness together. So that's my work and my love.


Friday, March 4, 2011


If spring break wasn't next week, I would probably cry. Luckily it is, so everyone can be spared to ridiculous-ness of me crazy tears.

Seriously, it's been a crazy week because:

1. My G's (otherwise known as Grandparents) are coming home on Monday from their 18 month mission. This is normally news that would make me excited that after living in their house for 18 months. Me (and my cousins Jess and Dannon) need to clean it. Which is stressful and takes a ton of work but at least our results are clearly seen. I also used their car and now it needs an oil change, new tires and a wash, which is more time that needs to be put towards fixing things.

2. I have been put through the wringer of assignments and I am still not done with all of them. I still have a huge paper/research project to do over spring break, which is a big deal seeing as if I can't complete this assignment basically I have no hope for a career in International Development (this is bad seeing as my major is International Studies and Economics) which is my dream.

3. I am trying to find funding so that I can go to Haiti this summer for an internship but I have had three of the five I have applied for turn me down, which is discouraging to say the least.

4. Having a long distance relationship is like trying to talk to someone where neither one of you speaks the same language. You spend half your time having no idea what's going on with the other one and you just sort of hope that they are thinking about you and know that you are thinking about them.

But luckily it's over!! And quite honestly, I could not be happier with that!