Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am a pro at marriage and yes it is a competition

 I basically proved myself being a professional wife.

I know, I know. You are all very impressed.

I have this (psychotic) need to prove myself as the BEST at something.

Currently I am the BEST wife for Homestar.

[sidebar: Having never been married and only having one wife, Homestar doesn't have a lot of competition for this spot. But I will take a win when I see it.]

I think I spend some much of my day forgetting or just plain failing that it is sometimes nice to feel the BEST at being a wife.

[Additional sidebar: I am human so trust me, I fail....a lot.]

But that's neither here nor there.

What is happening is I have not updated. Here's a little quiz of why:
a. I am winning at being a wife and the awards ceremonies are back to back.
b. I am a full time student and working 30 hours a week. And if I'm not at school or work I'm falling asleep on my husband during dinner and murmuring, "That's nice."
c. In between adopting all children and donating my blood, I haven't found time to update.
d. All of the Above

Correct Answer: D, All of the Above. And no, I'm not lying about adopting all the children in the world.

For all seriousness, I am a little busier than I thought I would be but here is a little update of what I have been up to:

First, I sold half my soul to the Devil. And I guess my sister did too based on this picture. I'm not quite sure why we look so evil but Jan-Jans (not her real name) my sister-in-law looks nice and normal.

Maybe she's the Devil, we sold our souls too.

[sidebar: My older brother got married a month after my husband and I did, which was ridiculously crazy for my family but I love this Jana girl if she is the Devil she is very good at hiding it. See above.]

Here are my favorite pictures at that event:
This is my sisters and I holding up our older/younger brother. Don't we look related?

[sidebar: please note how dang good I look. I'm making a somewhat sly face but my leg position is Top Model worthy. *sniff* Tyra would be so proud! Also note that this will never happen in another picture this post]

Luckily for you I went back to my usual wide mouth weirdness in this one.

And in this one. I seem to have a preference for weird face pictures but no worries, I have great dental hygiene, which you can all see.

We also got our real wedding photos and here is one of my favorites:

That is the love of my life. And I am his #1 Wife. I think I need a mug with that on it.