Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hairy Up and Let's Grow!

Homestar and I disagree. A lot. On pretty much every tiny issue that is extremely insignificant.

Oh sure we agree and stuff like money, children and how we want our lives to turn out in 30 years but what we should make for dinner, not so much.

Our disagreements are over extremely stupid stuff like whether he will put the roll of toilet paper on the roll after he's used up the last thing and whether I have to put my ice feet on his legs in the bed.

These things are insignificant in the future scheme of things but for some reason we both feel we have to cling to our stubborn selves in order to protect our pride.

But this last month, I scored a victory for Team Wife.

Homestar has a beard. 

This is a big victory too because Homestar has fought me for each and every scruffy hair.

I tried hiding his razors. He bought more.

I tried telling him he didn't need to. He said he had job interviews.

I told him it would keep his face warm. He said he was too hot.

I told him I loved it. He said he didn't.

So discouraged I said fine and walked away. Fast-forward two weeks and I started to notice the beginnings of a beard.

So how did I convince him? Truth be told I'm not entirely sure I did. The thing with Homestar is if he didn't want to do it, he wouldn't so maybe he is a really big fan of the hair.

I am clear in my critique. I am a GIANT fan.

This is something that separates me from basically every other woman I know. I am extremely fond of the facial hair but the beards are the best (full ones not wimpy soul patches or pencil thin mustaches).

Here is an example of a good beard.

This stately man is greatly improved with his "icing" beard.

As is my hubs.

I'm so happy!