Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So Homestar and I went to California (and Disneyland!) and I am here to show you all the awesome pictures we took of our fun time there!

Oh you silly reader you know me to well, oh course we didn't take pictures!  Homestar and I have two very nice cameras that tend to not make their way to our fun destinations and so memories are never captured. Luckily, Youtube has provided an opportunity for everyone to enjoy some classic Disney magic.

The morning of our day at Disney started off with running around to all the good rides before the lines got ridiculously long. Because it was overcast and a little chilly we actually made it to most of them before the lines were really bad.

Noon came and the sun started to peak out which meant that Disneyland got more and more crowded. We decided to get out of the sun and experience something I have not done at Disney.....

Captain EO: A Tribute

I have included both part 1 and part 2 so you can experience the whole story

I'm sure all of one of you is feeling full of questions so we'll do a little Q&A. 

Q: What is this?

A: This is 1984 3D movie that combines the dancing talent of Michael Jackson, the universe of George Lucas and some of the worst 3D effects I have ever seen. I really hate 3D, so I don't think my opinion counts and luckily this version on Youtube is sans 3D so I don't feel like tossing my cookies every time I look at the screen.

Q: So who is Captain EO?

A: Michael Jackson and yes it is just as bad as you think it is. I have included both parts of the Youtube video though sadly, it is missing the full cinema value without the laser show and smoke and Disney employee singing the closing song loudly and proudly. 

Q: Why is it a tribute?

A: Seriously? Do I really need to explain that Michael Jackson is dead and this is pre-bleached, post nose job Michael Jackson? So it's value is doubled because he actually is not that bad looking?

I know that this seems very far-fetched and awful but it was awesome. 

As we were waiting for the movie to start they played a little "making of" Captain EO and three things stood out to me:

1. Michael Jackson is an amazing dancer.

2. George Lucas really likes weird alien looking creatures

3. Leg warmers really don't flatter anyone.

So as we are standing there watching the making of video, one of my younger cousins says to me, "What are we going to watch?" in a very confused voice.

I have to admit at that point all I could think was, "Something about dancing. and aliens. and rocks." 

So I said, "Something good." 

Unfortunately, this cousin is too old (11 years old!) to believe me anymore and proceeded to give me the most teenage angsty look I have seen. 

Sidebar: It was a little disconcerting to seem him give me the "tortured" soul bit, but a lot of me was proud at his ability to act disinterested and in pain at the same time. 

So we go into the theater, put on our 3D glasses and sit back to watch.

Which is something that I recommend you do as well. And fully enjoy a story that uses Michael Jackson's skillls to the fullest and also creates a world where a man literally dances away ugliness along with his magic music lightening hands. 

I love Disney.