Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day Six: Eyebrows and Disbelief

In the challenge I am still participating in ("Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost" - Coldplay) the day six challenge was "Pet Peeves".

In college, there was a guy I had a HUGE crush on knew, who told me that Pet Peeves were kind of like telling people you enjoyed being annoyed and you couldn't let petty things go.

I liked that idea. I wanted to be a better person who let petty things go....which is exactly why I will be telling you about the trials that are my husband's eyebrows.

Homestar looks like a normal human being with the most prominent feature on his face being his manly beard.

His beard is very real, very spectacular, and very manly. What most people don't know that at home his most prominent features are his eyebrows. 

Those two hairy twins are so normal that when I say it, there are people who think. "He doesn't have a unibrow, and they aren't weird or gross, what's the issue?"

When he wants to convince me to do something, Homestar with say, "Want to do/go [something he finds extremely fun/cool/sweet/awesome]?" And adds this for emphasis:

The movement in his eyebrows isn't seen by most people and that's the pet peeve. Not that he can do it. That's actually impressive. 

But if I say he can wiggle his eyebrows, people look at me like: 

And I become so crazy and absolutely desperate for people to believe me that I try to demonstrate by pushing my own eyebrows up and down like a weirdo and then everyone looks at Homestar and he shrugs. Shrugs. Shrugs, like "I don't know what she's talking about?". 

And then everyone dismisses the claim as "Silly Emily." 

I feel hurt and confused like that poor rabbit from the Trix commercials who I have always wanted to get the cereal away from those mean children. 

So there it is. That's my Pet Peeve. Eyebrows. I feel better now. 

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