Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day Four...about 5 months late: Parents

Yesterday for a gratitude challenge I decided to participate in  I posted a collage of my parents. Basically any picture I had of them on my phone and it sparked a remembrance that I had started this challenge and totally failed at blogging every day. So I decided to get back on the wagon and try to continue this more faithfully. 

Today's challenge was to write a post about my parents. My parents are...not very similar to me. 

It's something that I've grown to respect about myself and about my parents. 

They grew up in a very different environment than I did. They went to the same high school, and had a completely different experience than I did and yet I keep doing things very similar to them. 

I went to Utah State University, same as my parents. I also lived with my grandparents for a time like my mom.

I got married in the Logan Utah Temple, same as my parents. And at the same age as my mother. 

I am living in the same house in Hyrum, UT they lived in 20 years ago. 

No matter where I go I feel like I run into people who know my parents.

From the woman I visit teach, who knows my dad as the best veterinarian she got into contact with, to a professor on campus who remembered my dad. 

I used to get sick of this. I would sullenly respond to queries about my parents with, "Yes. I am their daughter." and try to change the subject quickly. I felt like I was burdened by the expectations people had of me based on my parents. 

It wasn't until I was talking to a friend about getting into law school and I mentioned that my parents family friend was part of the faculty and I could maybe get him an interview. Someone mentioned how many connections I had and I sort of brushed it off. But it started becoming apparent to me that my parents' awesomeness that I kept hearing so much about, gave me my connections to jobs, interviews and services otherwise expensive. 

As much as my personality is different from them, I am glad I have them in my life. 

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