Monday, July 1, 2013

Perspective or Lack thereof

Awhile ago I read a high school friend's blog about her experience in high school. It was a complete wake up call for me. To sum it up, she stated, "I guess, for people who are wondering, I went through everyday of high school feeling awkward, out of place and mocked".  

As I was reading this I was overcome with a complete shock; I couldn't believe she felt awkward, she was the coolest person I knew in high school.

She mentioned how her sophomore year people threw shoes at her and called her all sorts of names. I met this girl when I was a freshman and she was a sophomore and while we were not close I considered if not a friend at least an ally. She was my hero.

As much as this girl was dislike by others; I was always widely impressed with her. She seemed like the confident, sassy friend everybody wants. And as the awkward, Mormon high school girl, I felt naive and silly every day. She would save me, sometimes from myself and sometimes from others. Most of these things she probably doesn't even remember but I truly and honestly respected her and wish I had had the courage to tell her exactly how she assisted me during a transition period in my life.

Freshman year, when she first stepped in and saved me.  Every day we would wait for the bell to ring by listening (or not) to the announcements. During the 2nd week of school, a boy in our mutual french class asked about my bra size. Most girls would have brushed him off with a "Gross" or a roll of the eyes but I was mortified and found myself blushing and stammering something like, "Shut it." She turned around and told him she was a C and asked him if he was same. The boy never bothered me again.

Sophomore year, while practicing for a play (I never said I was cool) I was feeling jealous about being rejected because I was too tall and not good enough. I made the comment, "I wish I was more like that girl" (the girl who was better, prettier, shorter and not surprisingly meaner). And she said, "You will go way further in life than her."

Junior year, she was in the same Homecoming dance group as me and even though my date kept trying to convince me I didn't need a shawl (I need one for modesty) She stated that I looked really nice and the shawl was beautiful.

She is and always will be someone I respect and admire for her honesty, courage and ability to remain totally confident in herself. Something I have greatly tried to emulate.

I challenge all of you to find someone in your past who helped you and remind them of why they are awesome.


  1. You're my hero BECAUSE you're silly. Great post.

  2. to this day, this is book marked in my life and I read it often enough to be reminded that you are a beautiful person and a wonderful soul.