Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 3: Midnight counts right?

Day 3: First Love

Man, these posts are difficult to come up with while moving, but here goes!

Long before I met Homestar, I was in love with one thing and that was puppies. I found myself loving puppies almost more than life itself. I would dream about dogs and how I was going to have 10 when I was older and be a writer and have awesome hair like my Aunt Cami. 

This dream of mine never diminished and even when I see cute puppies now I squeal. Luckily, my begging and pleading paid off in the form of my cute puppy: Cookie. 

Like any proud mama, I take a bajillion pictures of this cute pup but unfortunately I have packed my camera so I don't have any to show you suffice it to say: she's the smartest, cutest pup around. 

I don't know how many times I begged to get a dog. Basically ever since I got married I have been pleading with Homestar to let me get a dog. Conversations would go as follows: 

Me: So Christmas is coming about a dog? 

Homestar: No, we don't have room for a dog.

Me: So....Martin Luther King Day is coming about a dog?

Homestar: No, we don't have time for a dog.

Me: So....National Doughnut Day is coming about a dog?

Homestar: No. 

I need to thank my sister-in-law Jana for providing me the opportunity to get Cookie. She had a co-worker who was trying to find a good home for this cutie pie and Jana knew how much I desperately wanted a dog so she sent me a text and I told her I would ask Homestar. 

I texted him a picture of Cookie (then nameless cute pup) and then asked him if we could at least look at her. He agreed (which completely blew my mind) and then we went and saw her.

I was in love from the moment I held her cute little body in my arms. She was so soft and so cuddly and basically everything good and nice in the world. 

Homestar took a few licks on his hand and then he was as hooked as me. It was a good thing because if we had left without a puppy that night I would have cried. She's a cute one but she is so much bigger than the pictures I am posting (I stole these from facebook). 

She such a cute little baby and has completely destroyed the toy she has in the picture with her. Anyway, she's ours forever and always.

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