Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 2: Multiple Personalities or just plain old Crazy?

Day 2: Nicknames

Homestar is a fairly level headed guy, the kind of guy who likes dangerous stuff but only in safe ways. He's the one you would like belaying you as you rock climb:

(This picture is just to show you what kind of awesome belayer he is)

A nickname he received in high school was "Skit" because of the commonness of his first name and his last name. This is based off our last name and is something only his high school buddies call him today. "Skit" is more like this: 

A giggling teenage boy. Note the dyed tips of his hair (Skit did that) and the hunched laugh suggesting his laughter is inappropriate (It generally is). That is what my husband becomes when he is called Skit. Skit is not my husband, though I did receive numerous gifts to "Skit and Skit's Wife". 

I feel like nicknames call upon a personality we had/have when we are called by that name. I have about a billion nicknames and depending on the name is who I am. Let's just take a small sample:

1. Any variation of "Babe" (ie Baberrific, Babeasaurus Rex, Babraham Lincoln, Babecakes, etc): Homestar's wife and most amazing companion. I'm sweet and cool and totally down for huge party.

2. Emily/Em: I'm the Emily you know and love! Crazy. Loud. Awesome.

3. Emily (pronounced M-Lay): Sassy High Schooler with attitude. 

4. Emmy: 5 years old. (Only my aunts and uncles call me this)

5. Bretsen's Sister: Annoying younger sister.

So yeah, I really like nicknames. In fact the only time I call Homestar by his first name is when I am upset and want to make a point. Nicknames jazz up a situation and really give an idea to others how serious you are. 

Challenge: Get a new nickname and love it!

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